Fan Girl thoughts 006: The magic of sound design

We’re on to the last stage of completing Fan Girl. We — my editor Ben, my script continuity supervisor Shai (she’s developing her first feature film now, so I want her to be exposed to different stages of production as much as she can) and I — flew to Bangkok, Thailand to do sound design…

Our bedroom wall is made with love

Our good friend and artist Christina Dy agreed to paint our bedroom wall. It’s still unfinished, but getting CD to do this is a dream. It’s what we’ll wake up to every morning! May this mean days that smell like morning dew for a long while. ❤️


Received some sad news today. Broke my heart. But as they say, everything happens for a reason. I shall wait.


Sa tapat ko, may mag-syotang ‘yung babae e kilig na kilig, bulong nang bulong sa lalaki, tapos bubulong din ‘yung lalaki sa kanya, ‘yung tipong sasabihan mo ng “get a room!!!” kung di nakakatamad tumayo at maglakad ng 6 meters papunta sa table nila. Feeling ko early 20’s ‘yung babae tapos late 20’s ‘yung lalaki….

First artwork purchase

We bought our first artwork! It’s Manix Abrera’s. Makes me so happy. I hope to be able to buy more artworks from Pinoy artists in the future. 🙂

Fan Girl thoughts 006 + Boldstar thoughts 002

Fan Girl first. Lemme just share that I loved Teresa Barrozo’s music for Fan Girl. Ugh, I can’t rave about it enough. This collab with Tere is long overdue. Been trying to get her for my previous films, but our schedules won’t always match — mainly because you know how it is with studio films….

Writing thoughts, free writing

Lately, I’m finding myself in this familiar dilemma again — I can’t seem to write. I’ve tried everything. Locked myself in a hotel room to write, spent the whole day in a café to write, even went out of the country to write. But write I did not. My deadline was October 1st. It’s now…

Boldstar thoughts 001: APM served some lovin’

Here in our hotel in Busan, South Korea after a full day of meetings with potential investors and partners at the Asian Project Market for Boldstar. If you’ve been following this blog, you might remember it from two years ago. Was already supposed to shoot this film, but of course, life happened. This is even…

Useless update

Today, I cooked arroz ala cubana for lunch. Without the banana. So I guess it’s just ground meat-silog. Masarap naman. That’s all. Told ya it’s a useless update.