Act 3

Stuck with Act 3 of my script. No, this ain’t writer’s block. I really am just stuck, I don’t know what should happen next. It’s a good problem to have. I mean, it’s better than not having started writing a script at all. I shall be back here, hopefully with a brand new script I’m…


“There’s a reason why he has not proposed to her. And that is because she’s not the woman he’s going to marry.”

writing again, mapurol, but i’m writing again

Sa wakas, nakatapos na uli ako ng isang kwento! Sequence treatment pa lang. Mapurol na ako sa pagsusulat ng pelikula —¬†That Thing Called Tadhana¬†pa ang huli kong nasulat nang solo. 2014 ‘yun – 2016 na, magtatapos na nga. Pero nakakatuwa na sa wakas, nakatapos na uli ako. Hindi pa ako happy, hindi kasing smooth ang…


I think I’m in love with Jess. Rory, kung ayaw mo siya, akin na lang!!! Jess, ako na lang!!! Please, seryoso ako!!! Kahit one weekend lang! May book na rin ako, pareho tayo! AWUWUWUWWW BALIW!

Pang-Hamptons eh

Hermann: Masarap spanish bread dito. Me: Ano yun? Herms: (taas ng reaction, kala mo taga-Forbes!) Ha?! Akala ko ba taga-San Joaquin ka? Me: Upper San Joaquin ako. WEWWW


May lalaki kaninang sumisigaw sa kausap sa cellphone, lakas ng boses! Sabi, “Your heart is full of hate, hate, hate!” Sure ka, siya talaga, kuya? Parang it’s a tie.

Fincher, Sorkin

I watched The Social Network tonight – my fourth time to see this brilliant piece of filmmaking. Oh, Fincher, Sorkin, you get more brilliant with every viewing. I say this with no trace of mockery or sarcasm, but really, how to be you po?


Our dog died the other night. He played in the rain then found a frog and chased it, as he usually would any moving thing. He bit the frog and died almost instantly. All of a sudden, all my worries about wanting to get my passion back, about viewers bashing our show – and some…

May mga bagay

May mga bagay na hindi na talaga babalik. Tulad ng nakaka-It Girl kong jawline. And the filmmaker that I was.


As I write this, if we are to believe rumora, we are just a few minutes away from Lav Diaz winning the Golden Lion for Ang Babaeng Humayo. When brilliant but still very humble people like Lav win, it is easy to root for them. I hope Lav wins. Even if he doesn’t, I hope…