Fan Girl thoughts 004: See previous post

Because this is an update. I’ve just seen the latest edit…and I’m happy. Waited three years to make this film. Now I know why. This is the perfect time to do this. So yes, everything really happens for a reason.

Fan Girl thoughts 003

Nothing much. Just excited to see the latest edit of Fan Girl in a few hours. Being this excited to watch my film’s edit is always a good sign. Fingers crossed!


I should really remember to make this a habit – not let a day pass without watching the day’s episode of Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers and Trevor Noah, and always read the breaking news notifs from the NY Times app. My IG follows mostly artist, design, architecture, travel and food accounts, and it’s nice to…

Fan Girl thoughts 002

Three days ago, I shot the opening and ending of Fan Girl. Nothing noteworthy about that — EXCEPT THAT WE WERE ONLY ON OUR FIFTH DAY! Shooting the opening scene on the fifth day is nothing special, but shooting the ending when you’re not even half-way through the film is WTF ARE YOU SURE?!? I…

Pet peeve #081: The Ungrateful

Why do some kids think they made it/they will make it solely because of their talent and (usually self-proclaimed) brilliance? Honey, sorry to break it to you, but the Beatles said it best – you’ll get by with a little help from your friends/workmates/bosses/mentors. A little gratefulness never hurt anyone. Get off your high horse,…