Huwag ka ngang makampante o magtaka sopas nga lumalamig, siya pa kaya?// Advertisements


Hindi siya bibitiw/ pangako raw niya/ ngunit naisip mo ba/ kung nakakapit man lang siya?//


kung gusto mo nang umalis/ at hindi na babalik/ sa bintana ka dumaan/ malula ka sa tarik//

Millisecond (an update)

the millisecond before her feet touched the ground, she fell in love, & she’s never touched the ground again since, it’s been almost 3 years

don’t marry your best friend

They say, marry your best friend, but I say, no, don’t. Marry instead that person you love but can’t seem to figure out and understand. Then you’ll spend each day trying to predict and master his ways, and you’ll be pleasantly disappointed each time, coz he’s still got a lot of secrets under his sleeves….


the millisecond before her feet touched the ground, she fell in love, & she’s never touched the ground again since,


I’m channeling Brian Andreas, I say. Who’s he?, you ask, and I figured you’ve been missing half of your life, and I think it shows.


She told him, I hate you, and he told her, I hate you too, and I figured they’re going to love each other for a long time.