An apartment, finally

Just came back from oversleeping in our apartment. It’s almost done. Just a few chairs and furnishings and we can finally move in. I was alone there last night, and as I puffed a cig at the balcony, I cannot help but smile. There’s a feeling of, ugh, can’t quite describe it, but it’s a…

A Silence

There comes a time in love when the fireworks stop and the butterflies leave and what is left is a silence that is often mistook as a weariness, a restlessness, an alarming bore when all it really is is the same love, but only more certain.

Fan Girl thoughts 006: The magic of sound design

We’re on to the last stage of completing Fan Girl. We — my editor Ben, my script continuity supervisor Shai (she’s developing her first feature film now, so I want her to be exposed to different stages of production as much as she can) and I — flew to Bangkok, Thailand to do sound design…

Our bedroom wall is made with love

Our good friend and artist Christina Dy agreed to paint our bedroom wall. It’s still unfinished, but getting CD to do this is a dream. It’s what we’ll wake up to every morning! May this mean days that smell like morning dew for a long while. ❤️