Tomorrow, we fly to Berlin for the Berlinale Co-Production Market and hope to get future collaborators and investors for Boldstar. It’s also Dan and I’s first trip back to Europe together since 2017 (we went to Austria, Poland, Iceland, Sweden (for a long layover) and Amsterdam!). I love traveling. It’s my only luho. That and good food. And now that we have a new place, furniture too! I don’t spend on shoes and bags and jewelry, but I’ll always save up for travel. I’m excited! Super excited! For Boldstar and the food and the time we’ll spend exploring new places. I’m pretty sure we’ll argue and fight again during the trip, but after six years of traveling, I realise, that’s really part of our dynamic haha. We’ll fight, sure, but what matters is, as Brian Andreas said, we ride home together.

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