Fan Girl thoughts 006 + Boldstar thoughts 002

Fan Girl first. Lemme just share that I loved Teresa Barrozo’s music for Fan Girl. Ugh, I can’t rave about it enough. This collab with Tere is long overdue. Been trying to get her for my previous films, but our schedules won’t always match — mainly because you know how it is with studio films. They give you just two weeks to score, and Tere didn’t want such kind of a pressured schedule, which I completely respect and understand. But finally, Fan Girl came and it’s the perfect timing for both of us! I really made sure we had a lot of time allotted for post-production stage. We had two months to do the score, and when Tere was finally done, her music was love. Thank you, Tere! You’re a genius! I love working with artists who are open to opinion but still highly creative. I hope this is not our last collaboration.

Then Boldstar. Just came from a meeting with sir Rody Vera, my scriptwriter for Boldstar. If you don’t know Rody Vera — TALAGA BA??? I’m one of his biggest fans, and I really am so happy that I will get to direct a screenplay he will write. This is the first time I’m directing a film whose script I didn’t write. That’s why I chose a scriptwriter I so idolize. Itodo ko na, ‘di ba? Pwede namang mangarap. Ayan, natupad na!

Super happy with our meeting. We threw out ideas for the characters and plot and narrative, and what we have so far is already exciting me! I want to start reading the script this early! Thank you, sir Rody sa pagpapaunlak! Boldstar is my baby, and I’m happy you are writing it.

That’s it! Time to sleep. Salamat, Bathala!

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