Boldstar thoughts 001: APM served some lovin’

Here in our hotel in Busan, South Korea after a full day of meetings with potential investors and partners at the Asian Project Market for Boldstar. If you’ve been following this blog, you might remember it from two years ago. Was already supposed to shoot this film, but of course, life happened. This is even older than Fan Girl, but we managed to finish shooting Fan Girl (it’s now in post-production! We’ll have it ready by December!) even before Boldstar, and maybe for good reason. We were meant to finish Fan Girl first to prepare me for Boldstar. If you believe in the Universe conspiring yada yada yada.

Our APM experience this year with Boldstar is so much better than last year with Fan Girl. We had great feedback! We had a lot of interested producers from different regions kaiyak. We had more meetings last year, but we have better feedback this year. (“Your project is #1 on our list!”, “Yours is my favorite!”, “We’d love to be onboard.”) We won’t be shooting Boldstar until late 2020, but this gives me push. Here’s to hoping we don’t disappoint them. But more importantly, that I don’t disappoint myself.

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