Filming for #foolishmovie is becoming erratic. Sayang, andun na ang momentum eh. More and more shooting days cancelled – some reasons more heartbreaking than others, so heartbreaking they make me cry. Or maybe I am just being overly dramatic, or that’s just really how I value pelikula.

I’m just worried. I hope I sustain my excitement for as long as I can. I know myself too well – I work better when I am excited, when I am inspired. Lord, grant me patience. I pray for this movie. I pray for myself too. Take it easy, teh.

For the mean time, I guess I should channel my energies towards another project? Make my heart flutter again? Maybe it’s time to re-visit Project Boldstar or Project Soulmate. Tutal ang tagal nang nasa baul. Baka hinog na. Was reading reviews and articles on The Florida Project (ugh, what a great – but more importantly, inspiring – film) at napaisip ako sa Boldstar. Nang ganun-ganun na lang ha. So baka nga kailangan ko nang upuan uli. Hindi pa ako super excited pero baka darating din ako dun. Mabuti na ‘to kaysa kain lang ako nang kain habang nabuburyong, ‘di ba?


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  1. Never lose your drive Direk. Ako I believe in you and your creativity and your passion for your craft. Pretty sure na lahat ng nangyare may magandang maidudulot sa huli. ☺️ 🙏

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