Today, I arrive in Coron with Aaron Sorkin

After my “emotional breakdown” (I placed that in quotes because I know it is not a real emotional breakdown; I don’t want to use that phrase lightly) last month that turned into a lightbulb moment, I vowed to keep on learning, keep on making myself a better storyteller, writer and director. My goal is when somebody asks what I do, I can say  I am a director without any hesitation. Until today, I still cannot fully call myself a director. I don’t know why. I am a scriptwriter, at best. But a director? Malayo pa.

Just this morning, while waiting for my boarding time at the airport, I purchased Aaron Sorkin’s scriptwriting class at It’s at 90usd and includes almost five hours of video lectures from one of my favorite scriptwriters. You should check out their website to browse their other classes. Pati si Christina Aguilera, may masterclass o! I viewed the intro video, and Sorkin is hilarious! I’ll share with you some of my most favorite lessons from his class. I plan to buy filmmaking and acting masterclasses when I start to shoot my film. (Yes, acting masterclass because methinks, a good director must know how to make his actors act – and to do that, he must go into the mind and persona of an actor.)

I now on a van going to my resort hotel in Coron. I am meeting my good friends Yosh and Vins in 30 minutes. I decided to go to Coron also after that creative breakdown (oooh there, finally I have a special term for it!). I’ll be revising and writing my script here. I figured, maybe I need this short break to think more clearly. I am looking forward to writing. My goal is to finish at least half of my script. I’m staying her for four days and three nights. 

How about you? How’s your writing?


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  1. ablazagirl says:

    Direk, thank you po for sharing and taking us along. Nakakagaan ng burden (kahit konti) to know na hindi pala ako ang katangi tanging struggling writer sa world. Haha. God bless po!

    1. ilayaonline says:

      Awww, salamat din. Tuloy mo lang ang pagsusulat, lahat naman dumadaan sa kabaliwan. 🙂

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