I love today.

Woke up late – but that meant I had eight hours of sleep. Which is a big deal because I used to have just four to five for eight months! Chatted with my editor Ben about draft 1 – he has a lot of great insight! Must incorporate them. Started writing. Had my deadline adjusted to 6pm. Watched 1.5 episodes of LOVE – what happened to Episode 3?! It’s not the LOVE that I used to love! Ate mama’s delicious cooking – spare ribs! Resumed writing. Read Karl’s comments – oooh, great insight again! Must incorporate, must put more layers, must read and watch related literature that he suggested. Finished draft 2 of my sequence treatment. Emailed it at 6pm, on the dot, as promised.

Bought my first book in months – The Giver by  Lois Lowry, as suggested by Karl. A dystopian novel – related literature for my screenplay! Walked to my dinner meeting – used GoogleMaps heehee, like in Europe! Only three minutes away! Arrived in Tomatito. Ordered iced tea. Started reading The Giver. Oooooh, this is good! I had to tell Karl.

Bianca and Dan arrive for the meeting. Erwin arrived some minutes later. Talked about my other film – my passion film, if I may call it. Started the meeting with very little confidence that it will push through. Ended the meeting with 98% assurance that we will do this film this year. Loved talking with these people. Love talking with brilliant, talented people with no ounce of arrogance and condescension in their body. We need more people like them! Paid 7,500php for all the food that we ate! (Actually, Dan paid for it.) WTF! That’s some pricey food! But food was delicious. So I guess 7,500 is sulit? With good conversation and more assured future, pwede na. Just remember not to order two of each kind next time no matter how yummy or small the servings are!

Met with Digo and Katie at Friday’s. GoogleMaps said it’s just a 5-min walk. Talked about Digo’s directing career. (He’s my production designer – one of, if not the most talented, most creative ones out there.) Laughed and laughed and laughed some more.

Walked back to our car. Talked about films and TV life and what we’ll do tomorrow. We’ll meet with Derick – we haven’t seen him in months – and talk about his new film idea.

Went home. Thanked Dan for today.

I love today. I hope you loved yours, too.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. shrsh says:

    i am quite excited for that passion film you’re about to do this year!

    1. ilayaonline says:

      Thank you! Please cross your fingers for me too! 🙂

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