I read an old post of mine about pelikula. I wrote this after shooting a sequence from last year’s All You Need is Pag-ibig, where I had my actors sing Rizal Underground’s Bilanggo, one of my favorite songs of all time: Oh pelikula, you set my heart on fire. And you know what? That made me cry. (I think I’m still crying now.)

I miss that old self. It’s only been less than a year since that day, but I’ve lost that version of me already. I’ve been fighting off losing completely whatever fire that’s left of me for quite some time now, and I know I’m not winning so far. And it breaks my heart. To pieces. Like a love that you’ve had for years turn its back on you.

I am hopeful though. I know someday, somehow, that fire will slowly creep in my heart again. When that time comes, I’ll just know. My heart will be engulfed in flames that feel so passionate, so alive, so…familiar.#

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  1. narsmanang says:

    Nakakalungkot naman to. Baka kailangan mo lang gumawa ng isang malupet na indie film ulit para bumalik ang ningas. Saludo!

  2. Chino says:

    kapit direk!!!

  3. Sana po mabasa nyo. 😊

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