Four years (and 40lbs ago), I was in Italy for the first time for my first international film festival for my first full-length film. With my production designer and good friend Digo Ricio (I would later work with him again in On the Wings of Love), we went around Italy–Udine, Pisa, Bologna, Venice, Florence–with zero research on Italy, zero knowledge on its train system, and just a few hundreds of Euros in our pockets. We’d eat McDonald’s on most days (wala na talaga kaming pera), so that we’ll have enough cash to have two or three pang-mayaman dinners. Naiwan kami ng eroplano, at wala kaming dalang credit card pambili ng bagong tickets, pero okay naman, nairaos. We got by with a little help from Pinoys, friends from back home, who spared us some cash, and a heart that’s just so happy to be lost and broke in a place we only used to dream of. I’ll always love traveling, but I’ll never travel like I was 28 again.#


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