Comparisons (late post)

Truth is, I’m scared of April 4. That Thing Called Tadhana was my dream film, and I know that my films after that (like You’re My Boss) will always be compared to that. I’m afraid most people will think all my other films will pale in comparison with Tadhana. Haaaaaaaay. Nakakakaba.

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  1. Ally says:

    direk, as a fan mo, taba nang brains mo! Hindi mo kelangan icompare mga bagay bagay, unless nasa instruction na compare sila. Hindi naman to exam or test. So hindi mo kailangan pang hinaan nang loob sa mga susunod pa pelikula mo.

  2. Didi says:

    It will be compared. But know that Tadhana was your dream. Tadhana was your first.

    I will forever remember you for Tadhana. It made an impact in me. I loved loved loved it. Iyakin ako pero naisip ko while watching it *hindi ako iiyak, naka smile lang ako the whole time* then I cried and I couldn’t stop. RAMDAM ko yung pain. I really like how you were able to make me feel the (love) pain again.

    I’m 35 and I didn’t know that, that pain existed in me. It awakened something in me.

  3. lizzie02911 says:

    Great job po direk sa movie na That Thing called Tadhana (wagas lang po sa mura haha) Hindi naman po ata maiwasan maicompare yun, kasi pak na pak naman po talaga yung movie na yun, never the less ibig lang pong sabihin mas may great pa po kayong kayang gawin, at isa na rin po dun yung OTWOL🙂 astig po.

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