But of course, it’s the romantic in me talking.


This is something cheesy, but anyway: I co-wrote a screenplay with my friend about a 16-year old Sari who wants to chase the blue moon on a beach in Samar and meet “Elias,” the man who wrote the love letter to “Salome” she found at a beach 10 months ago. “Elias” and “Salome”, as it was written in the letter, are supposed to meet under the blue moon. And Sari wants to be there to see true love unfold right in front of her.

“Elias”, of course, was just that man’s pseudonym, as was “Salome”. They were of course, characters from that memorable chapter in Rizal’s Noli Me Tangere. On our earlier drafts, we made the man use Elias all through out the final sequence, not acknowledging that it wasn’t his real name. That screenplay had at least seven drafts, by the way. We are fickle like that.

We waited for quite a while before our script got greenlighted to be produced. I haven’t read the final draft in a while, and when I read it again, I realized that we decided to make Elias tell Sari that it isn’t his real name. Probably because we want to say that Elias could be any one of us, any man, that he’s real.

I remember my friend asking me what name to give Elias. As I read that page again, I didn’t realize it was this name I typed (see photo). That was two years ago, and we haven’t even met yet.#


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