Here’s what friends do to their gaga friends


Here’s what friends do: They mess with your mind, they tell you what to do, and it’s always what’s best for you, but when you’re alone, you do the exact opposite, you do what you want anyway, because you’re gaga like that, as you’ve always been, and when things don’t end up the way you wanted it to be and you end up a wreck, a mess, you meet your friends again, expecting them to say, “I told you so, teh!” but they don’t. They’ll just smile, then give you a hug, then laugh, and you find yourself laughing with them, as they raise their hand to the waiter to say, “Kuya, beer pa! ‘Yung nakakatanggal ng kagagahan!” even if you all know, walang ganung beer, edi sana ilang case na ang nalagok mo n’un, dati pa, but even so, you and your friends don’t care. The point is: tatagay pa rin tayo.##

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