To remind me that I should never stop to create 1: My bentsingko ring, 2010-ish

Circa 2010. Old bentsingko (25-centavo) coin from my lola’s collection of old coins. Silver ring, my own, I haven’t used since high school. I initially used Mighty Bond to stick the coin to the ring but it fell off after one day. I had the ring permanently placed on the ring on a local store. The coin used to be very rusty–the way I like it–but when it was returned to me, I was very, very annoyed to learn that they cleaned the coin–it was gold and shiny like new! Grrrrr! I had to “slide” the front of the coin on top of a candle’s flame several times to bring back its old rusty look. Well, this was the best that I can do. Not as good as how I first saw it but definitely better than gold and shiny.

I’m no artist, but I’m really proud of this.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. imtheunsub says:

    That is so vintage-y cool.

  2. Lapiskamay says:

    nice stuff! btw,congratz on your great gig at Inquirer’s Youngblod. 🙂

    1. ilayaonline says:

      Yey, nabasa mo! Thank you! 🙂 Btw, love your name!

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