relax, it’s just a movie

I can be very unforgiving to myself, so I guess I’m very, very lucky that when I’m having panic attacks on making my fucking first full-length film, I can turn to both my closest friends who’ll tell me “kaya mo yan, tatagan mo lang, matatapos din yan”, “it’s all in your mind, your script’s brilliant”, “maisasalba yan, wag kang mag-alala, pagkatapos nyan, gugustuhin mong gumawa pa uli”, and to great people I look up to, people like Direk Joyce, who’ll say, “Pwede namang tanggapin na lang na you tried, but you was never gots there” (private joke) then will call almost immediately to say, “Tara, iinom natin yan!”, or sir Erik, who’ll say, “Hahaha! Ganyan talaga, kaya yan, don’t doubt for one second” then goes on to text a very, very long message about “running your kitchen, or the kitchen will run you”, ending it with, “I hope you get what I’m saying”, or Direk Tikoy, who’ll say, “Ano ka ba, baliw ka na, gumagawa ka na ng first feature, welcome to the club” after I said, “Sir, text lang kita kapag nababaliw na ako ha”, or sir Lyle, who won’t reply but will give a surprise call or Facebook message several days later about a favor he did for me.

Thank you, I have been forgiven.

God, I miss Alexis.

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  1. I am looking forward to watch this film, my long wait is over. Good luck Tonet!

    1. ilayaonline says:

      wow. thank you chino. sana di kita madisappoint. remind me to give you a ticket on gala night.

      1. thanks, thanks Ilaya…God bless!

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