frustrated artist

I stumbled upon a very hip furniture store online called Roomix that gives artistic second lives to ordinary pieces (e.g. pipes turned into a lamp, a briefcase turned into a sofa), and I got really jealous. 

 A similar personal art project that I’ve conceptualized a year ago but never got to actually do came to mind again. I only got as far as making my boyfriend agree to do the wiring and welding. I used to be a very prolific butingtingera. I miss my old self making earrings out of guitar picks and out of weird shells I found in beaches while taping Marimar, and creating a ring with an old benchingko (25-centavo coin) from my lola’s baul, and stitching doodles and beads on my bag so it’s not just any other Jansport backpack–on a whim! And now, I just browse online furniture shops, get jealous, and I want to smack myself again with the remote control: “Why haven’t you started it yet?!? It’s been more than a yeaaaaaaaaar! It’s still just a sketch on your notebook–where is it now by the way–, what’s your excuse this time?!?”

Revising my screenplay while watching Amelie and American Idol, now America’s Next Top Model, now State of the Nation on GMA NewsTV, then back to America’s next Top Model.

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