false alarm

As Mike Enriquez reports on the 8.9-magnitude earthquake and the resulting tsunami that hit Japan with much fervor and intensity, it’s hard not to notice how calm and composed Japan’s local news crews are as they fill us in on the massive earthquake and tsunami that left 900 dead and 700 missing, as of press time. Wait, Enriquez and the Japanese reporters are talking about the same earthquake and tsunami, right? E bakit parang dito, end of the world na ‘yung dating sa pagka-report ni Mike Enriquez? Naabisuhan mo na ba ang mga Hapon, sir Mike? E alangan namang mas mauna pa tumama ang end of the world dito.

Then shortly after, Enriquez reports on the two impeachment cases facing Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez and the shoplifters in a computer shop in Malate caught on CCTV with the same fervor and intensity. Ah, eh baka dito nga unang tatama ang end of the world. Sorry naman Japan, false alarm.

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