Welcome to underwater coron. To your right is a dead coral…

A $150 billion underwater resort hotel–the first in Asia and the biggest undersea living in the world–is set to be completed in 2013 in Coron, Palawan. Its Filipino architects and developers say it will rival those of Maldives, Dubai and Fiji, an Inquirer article reports. The project, to be called “Coral World Park”, will have 24 underwater suites they call “Anemones” that are submerged 60 feet below sea level with a 270-degree view of Coron’s underwater life. Several units will be for sale, while the rest are for “public viewing”, for those who are wealthy to actually afford the daily rates but still not rich enough to own his own suite.

I’ve been to Coron and gone snorkeling there, and I must say God lives there. Each year, more and more tourists come to Coron, and it isn’t because of the great 5-star hotels and world-class accommodations, and we’re not the least bit embarrassed about that. If you’ve been there, you’ll know why. And, please, why try to outdo Dubai? They need to build an outlandish underground hotel because they don’t have beaches as beautiful as as ours! Heck, they don’t have beaches. Period.

The article’s last paragraph ticked me off: “The group promised strict adherence to protect the environment and the biodiversity of Palawan. They said no marine life will be harmed during the course of its construction to its operations.” Uh, okay. I’m not an architect, but how are they going to build the world’s biggest underwater hotel without disturbing marine life? May iba pa bang daan papunta sa ilalim ng dagat kung hindi via dagat? Well, by virtue of the fact that I finished Film and not Enggineering, I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt. If they do succeed in not harming any marine life during construction as they promised, well, I must say they’re very good liars.

In two years, if the projection that the Coral World Park will pour in billions of investments and create thousands of jobs happens, and the exchange rate becomes P35 to $1, Architect Mañosa and company will most likely expect a “thank you”. And because we’re a forgetful nation, his wish will be our command. How’s even adding “very, very, very much”, sir?

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