Dear M,

I miss you most whenever I realize that I still haven’t gone to Sagada. We were supposed to go there, remember?, but the rain decided to pour hard that day, so hard that even we, who wanted to go there so bad, decided to schedule it for another day. But then you had to leave, and the another day has yet to come.

I think that’s when I miss you most. When I want to watch a movie right now, and everyone else is busy or won’t reply, and Michael is at some out-of-town taping, I tell myself, if you were here, I can really watch that movie right now. When I want to go to Baguio this weekend, and it’s already Thursday, and Michael still needs to have his leave approved before taking a day off, I tell myself, if you were here, I’ll really be in Baguio this weekend. When shit happens at work, I want to tell you about it right away, because I know you’ll be angry too, and I like it when we’re angry together, but I have to wait until I get home, so I can type you an angry email, but not as angry as I really was because a day had already passed.

I won’t ask you to come home, but please know Eat, Pray, Love is showing in October, and I want to watch it with you.

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  1. Skytalker says:

    i love you

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