this won’t be the last time

I just received news that my short film will be screened at the Asian Hotshots Film Festival in Germany on October. I told my good friend Chinggay about it and asked her if she wants to come to Berlin and watch the Festival with me. The hotel accommodations will most probably be free, but the airfares and food, I don’t think the Festival will shoulder it. We were both so excited, me already starting to daydream about the (automatic) applause when the credits roll, that we forgot that round-trip tickets to Berlin will cost not lower than 80,000 pesos, plus the money we’ll spend on German sausages during the days we’ll be tired eating Yakisoba.

Chinggay says she’ll probably just use the money to buy her dream car next year. It disappointed me a little, then she adds, if my film’s competing, then by all means, I should go. My film’s just for exhibition. This won’t be the last time, I’m sure, Chinggay says, and although we were just talking through SMS messaging, I felt that she talked with so much conviction and sincerity–

–That I actually believe her.

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  1. Good Job! I like the travel experience what more po yung recognition abroad.

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