There were three messages on my cellphone inbox when I woke up today.

One was from our client at our P2 camera rental business. She’s a student. She informed me that the shoot scheduled for 6am today is “cancel po ung shoot namin 2m” (“our shoot tomorrow is cancelled”). She sent it at 12:33am. I read the message at 6:09am, and our caretaker Marj was already at the meeting place (the call time was 6am), wondering why there still aren’t any FEU students in Jollibee Morayta. I counted from 1 to 10, inhaled, exhaled, then sent our client an SMS message saying that I read her message just now and that she shouldn’t have assumed that I got it without getting a reply from me saying so. I composed the message with much self-control. I was very tempted to lecture her about film production ethics and sentido comon but she’s still a client, and they’re still renting from us on Tuesday. They better.

Another was from my boyfriend saying Mexico is probably doubly happy that they won the Miss Universe instead of Ms Philippines Venus Raj since they almost always lose against us and Pacquiao. He sent it at 12:09am. I like receiving messages like this from him. It makes me feel like the best friend you tell random thoughts to that other people won’t find worth listening to, like “ito listahan ng mga bibilhin ko: vit C na malaki, yung parang pandelata, damit, pantalon, medyas, iPod Touch na 32G, tsaka yung tsinelas mong Ipanema” (“here’s my to-buy list: big-sized Vit C, as big as a tin can, shirts, pants, socks, 32G iPod Touch, and your Ipanema flip-flops”). I’m not his best friend; he doesn’t tell me that I am, but he’s 30, and when you’re 30, and especially when you’re male, you’re way past the stage when you tell your best friend that she’s your best friend. When you’re 30, you just hope that she knows.

The last was from my friend from Canada. She sent it at 4am Manila time, which is around 1pm in Vancouver. She sent me a virtual hug with the URL of her latest blog post. She called it “Pools of Sorrow, Waves of Joy”. It made me smile, and I thought to myself, she’s probably already received the package that I sent, but I’m not sure why it would bring pools of sorrow. Sorrow is such a strong word, and when it comes in pools, well, it’s good to know she’s a good swimmer. I read her post, and I realized she hasn’t received the package yet. She talked about her moving out, her mom and dad, and her plans to help them out in their finances. I’m sending her virtual hugs right now. I always like reading her. She’s a great writer, and I feel like she’s really talking to (only) me when she writes. She’s my best friend, and I always tell her that. I’m only 26, you know.

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