This was supposed to be about Spider Solitaire but my incoherence span got the better of me

I’m happy that I’m playing Solitaire and Spider Solitaire again on my laptop. (Spider Solitaire is a spin-off of the usual solitaire where you use two decks of cards and at least two suits depending on the level of difficulty you want. The goal is to remove cards from play in the fewest moves possible. You remove cards if you form acomplete King to Ace stack of the same suit. It’s more fun and challenging than Solitaire, plus when you win, the fireworks are grander too.) I remember playing this a lot in between reading Lina’s emails (she’s from, and she’s every fresh grad’s friend), sending resumes, and submitting my short films online to this and that international film festival. I told myself that when I get to finish a game, I can make a wish and it will come true. I just made that up of course, but I think I made not less than twenty wishes since. I haven’t kept track of which wishes came true or not, I just like making wishes over anything, like visiting a church for the first time, having stray eyelash on my face (but I have to guess if it’s on my left or right cheek first), or when the car drives over some railway (but I have to touch anything blue while saying my wish). I’m crazy like that. In fact until now, I still think I passed the UPCAT not becuase I’m smart but because I completed the Simbang Gabi the Christmas before the results came out. It was the first time I completed the Simbang Gabi, and the last time too. I think I never prayed for something that ardently, and I don’t use the word “ardently” a lot.

I just finished another game of Spider Solitaire but not without using at least three cheats, and there go the grand fireworks again. I’ve to make a wish again, but I’m not too sure what. I guess I’ll just wish for that film workshop in Seoul I’ve been trying to get into for three years now but always failed each time. Wishing for something film-related again, you know, just like the old times. I was supposed to say “ardently” again but that would be too fake. One “ardently” in one paragraph is enough. I checked, and the other “ardently”, it’s actually in the previous paragraph. So I guess it’s okay to say I’m wishing for the Seoul workshop as ardently, although I know that would be lying. I know how much I prayed and wished for UPCAT. This film workshop? Well, I really, really want to get in, but with this, I want to pass not because of some wishes from completed card games I made up. I want to pass because I’m good, I’m a good fimmaker. And that kind of thing, wishes can only do so much.


On second thought, maybe, fortunately. Actually.#

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