She’s vegan, she’s pescetarian, and I don’t eat rice

I had an accidental lesson today on vegetarianism when I read my friend Mace’s blog. I already know what a vegetarian is, but for the longest time, I thought vegan was just short for vegetraian. (I didn’t know until fourth grade that “applaud” is the verb form of “applause” until my English teacher encircled the word on my essay using bold red ink. I get it Ms Vendiola, I was just grammatically incorrect but I’m not blind.) I think this is what Oprah called the “lightbulb moment”, but the kind you just keep to yourself, eh? Well, I learned that a vegan actually excludes eating all animal products, including milk, eggs, honey, and also does not use animal products like leather bags. A pescetarian eats fish and seafood but not meat. Mace says she’s been a pescetarian since January, while her roommate’s been vegan for a year after being a vegetarian for several years. I eat beef, chicken, fish, seafood, and eggs. Now I feel so heartless beside them, and fatter too.

I’ve stopped eating rice for over a month now since my friend Randy swore he lost weight by doing just that, plus “a little” exercise. I wonder if there’s a special term for people who don’t eat rice. I googled it and hey, I found one.

Crazy Asian.#

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  1. Skytalker says:

    I did a “no rice except for sushi, no bread except for pizza, and no pasta” diet with matching daily crunches for one month before prom and one month before college/univ grad. It worked. I lost 2 inches down to 26, and 10 lbs down to 105. (Wag nating pag-usapan kung ano na yang numbers na yan ngayon.)

  2. ilayaonline says:

    how many crunches per day? hehe. i can’t do crunches every day, i just can’t. mas keri pa ang treadmill. maybe i just have a “no rice, no coke” diet no?

  3. Skytalker says:

    nung umpisa, 3 sets of 20, tapos pagtagal naging 3 sets of 50

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