I believe a thank you is in order sir

While my country awaits the official Comelec announcement that our hero Ninoy Aquino and former President Cory Aquino’s only son is our next President, I’m here in Tagaytay, woke up an hour late for the start of the sunrise (or “magic hour”, as film and photography people call it, where the sky turns into hues of orange and purple, and lasts just a few minutes), the sun already high above the Taal Lake, trying to finish the long-overdue screenplay of our young love, sweet love, road trip of a film, telling ourselves, film and catching the sunrise, this is what we should live for, if only taping for soap operas didn’t get in the way.

When we leave Vanilla Suites (www.vanillasuites.com) for Manila before noon, I expect more yellows on the road, on lampposts, on car windshields, on people’s shirts, on Kris’ wardrobe later on Showbiz News Ngayon. Her producers must expect to go overtime, the late night news telecast Bandila will have to wait a few more minutes before going on-air; I’m guessing she’s already drafting her thank you speech now, addressed to all who supported “Noy”. Noy actually should prepare an even longer thank you to her sister alone, who campaigned so much for him, including his name in every interview she gets. Her on-air scuffle with Ruffa Guttierrez? Noy was there. Her plugs for Kung Tayo’y Magkakalayo? Noy was there. Her “diplomatic” confrontation with the mother of James Yap’s female fan she was jealous of? Noy was there. In my high school Theology class, Sr. Aura said only God was ominipresent. In the Philippines, he could be balding too.

In a few days, Noy will officially be President Noynoy Aquino. In a few years, we’ll know if we owe Kris a thank you too.#

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