Please allow me to rant in English

I feel soooo bad that I missed the deadline of this year’s Gawad CCP for Alternative Film and Video. Argh! I was waiting for their December call for entries (they always announce it on that month) so I can submit my short film Tumbang Preso, have its screening in January in CCP’s Little Theater, then pray for luck at their late-January awarding ceremonies.

But I missed the deadline. Because they decided to hold the Gawad CCP earlier than usual. And there were no emails from any film e-group calling for Gawad CCP entries at all. Argh. Now I have to wait for another two years for the next Gawad CCP (it’s biennial).


Sorry na kung brat. Gawad CCP yun e.#

2 Comments Add yours

  1. bittergrace says:

    oo nga eh. nagulat din ako nung nakita ko may Gawad CCP na. sayang!

  2. ilayaonline says:

    kainis no! two years uli!

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