now I know.
and now that I know
I cannot believe
I’m exactly where I was
when I still
didn’t know.

(Postscript: Is ignorance really bliss? Or would you rather know?)

6 Comments Add yours

  1. yoshke says:

    if this is what im thinking, shame on you. 🙂

  2. ilayaonline says:

    magiting, i wrote this several months ago. bleh.

  3. yoshke says:

    bakla! e bakit July 15! haha

  4. ilayaonline says:

    duh. ngayon ko lang pinost dito.

  5. incommunicative says:

    Rhetorical question ba yung would you rather know? Kase ang sagot ko: I’d rather know. Panget ang naiiwan sa dilim. Hayayayayay. Hahahahaha.

  6. ilayaonline says:

    I think I’d also rather know.

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